iStopMotion for iPad


For stop motion animation and time lapse recording it is very important that you can mount the camera so that it does not easily move when capturing your images. Often, the iPad Smart Cover or a DIY stand are doing a great job, but several vendors offer more convenient solutions.

iPad Animation Books and More by Craig Lauridsen

Craig Lauridsen has a great collection of books and other resources available. "iPad Animation" contains over 275 pages of instruction, tips, examples and flow chart diagrams so you can master stop motion - fast. "Creating a Stop Motion Story" is a straightforward step-by-step guide to creating a story-driven stop motion movie. Craig also covers creating the right sound track for your movie and features a DIY iPad stand.

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Animation Starter Kit

The Animation Starter Kit by the Animation Chefs is a collection of 1-2 minute videos that cover the basic secret recipes animators have used for the past 100+ years. Each lesson comes with downloadable worksheets that makes following the instructions super easy.

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iPad Stand

iPad Animation Stand

Secure your iPad in the iPad Animation stand specifically designed for stop motion work. It holds the iPad vertical and in a range of upright angles. Suitable for iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini. Available as a laser cutting file with a license to make your own – personal or educational use.

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iOgrapher for iPad

Being able to mount the iPad to a tripod is a key requirement for iStopMotion for iPad. The iOgrapher is a versatile iPad mount or use with standard tripods. In addition, the iOgrapher lets you mount 37mm telephoto and wide angle lenses to achieve more different shots. If you are shooting video other than stop motion animation, it has cold shoe mounts for microphone and lights and a handle for better control when shooting freehand. The iOgrapher is available for all iPads, iPad Air and iPad Mini except for the original iPad.

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Remote Control

Flic Smart Wireless Button

iStopMotion for iPad 3 includes support for the Flic Smart Wireless Button. Using a button allows you to capture frames without touching the iPad and risking to move the camera, avoiding jerking in your video. The Flic button is also quite useful beyond iStopMotion.